DAT Engineering has been designing & building new equipment for manufacturing since 1991. Starting primarily in furnace, centrifuge, extrusion, process gas, winding & traversing control DAT Engineering expanded with a current outreach into over 30 different industries. With patented equipment for the EWP (Engineered Wood Products Divisions), and unique high speed bottling lines for the Food & Beverage industry, DAT Engineering will be your source for modern, high speed manufacturing equipment in any industry. Specializing in High Axis Count Integrated Motion , Robotics, and Vision Guided Intelligent Machines we have been 100% successful in making our customers tops in their competitive industries. DAT Engineering is a full service integration company specializing in Proof Of Concept Designs and One-Off Machines. Whether you need a new design, current equipment upgraded, modified, or transformed DAT Engineering will work side by side with your facility experts to establish what is best for your success. If you are in the need for custom made parts, DAT Engineering also offers full CNC services from top machinist. Please call Dean Toukatly P.E. {Owner & Lead Automation Engineer} for a no hassle conversation about your integration needs today. Offices and Manufacturing in New York & Ohio.